Alexandru Leșco

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Alexandru Leșco
Born (1955-02-21) February 21, 1955 (age 62)
Coşerniţa, Floreşti
Nationality USSR,
Known for detention
Awards Order of the Star of Romania

Alexandru Leșco (born February 21, 1955, Coșernița) is a Moldovan activist, famous for being sentenced by the separatist Transnistrian government for actions which have been described as Moldovan state-sponsored terrorism by Transnistrian government officials.[1] According to European Court of Human Rights, it was an unlawful sentence.[2]


Alexandru Leșco and the other members of the "Tiraspol Six" were convicted on December 9, 1993 of "terrorist acts".[3] Alexandru Leșco was released only on June 2, 2004.[4][5]

In July 2005 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that both Moldova and the Russian Federation were responsible for the unlawful detention and torture and ill-treatment suffered by Ilie Ilașcu, Alexandru Leșco, Andrei Ivanţoc, and Tudor Petrov-Popa.[6] His lawyer was Alexandru Tănase.[7]

Alexandru Leșco is a leader of the Democratic Forum of Romanians in Moldova.[8]



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