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Alexandru Tyroler

Alexandru (Sándor) Tyroler (19 October 1891, Garamszentkereszt, now Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia – 3 February 1973, Budapest, Hungary) was a Hungarian-Romanian chess master.

Sándor Tyroler was born in Garamszentkereszt (Slovak: Hronský Svätý Kríž, German: Heiligenkreuz an der Gran) in Hungary (now Slovakia) into a Hungarian Jewish family. After World War I, following the Treaty of Trianon (1920), he became a citizen of Romania.

In 1912, he took 5th in Temesvár (Austria-Hungary), now Timişoara, Romania. In 1925, he won in Bucharest. In 1926, he won the first Romanian Chess Championship in Sibiu.[1] In 1927, he won in Bucharest (ROM-ch). In 1928, he took 15th in The Hague (Amateur World Championship, Max Euwe won).[2] In 1929, he won in Iaşi (ROM-ch). In 1929, he took 6th in Bucharest. In 1930, he took 3rd in Cernăuţi (ROM-ch).

Alexandru Tyroler represented Romania in the 2nd unofficial Chess Olympiad at Budapest 1926, where he won team bronze medal. He also played at 3rd board (+4 –7 =4) in the 3rd Chess Olympiad at Hamburg 1930.[3]


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