Alexandru Vlahuță

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Alexandru Vlahuţă (Romanian pronunciation: [alekˈsandru vlaˈhut͡sə]; 5 September 1858 – 19 November 1919) was a Romanian writer. His best known work is România pitorească, an overview of Romania's landscape in the form of a travelogue. He was also the main editor of Sămănătorul magazine, alongside George Coşbuc.[1]

Alexandru Vlahuţă on Romanian stamp 1958

Vlahuţă was born in Pleşeşti, Vaslui County (currently called Alexandru Vlahuţă), and studied in Bârlad during his early childhood. He took his Baccalaureate in Bucharest and afterwards attended law school for a short amount of time, but withdrew due to financial reasons. He died in Bucharest on 19 November 1919. His former home in Bucharest has been turned into a memorial museum.


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