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Aleksei Petrovich Khomich (Russian Алексей Петрович Хомич; 14 March 1920 – 30 May 1980) was a Soviet goalkeeper of the 1940s.

During his career he played for FC Dynamo Moscow, FC Dinamo Minsk and FC Spartak Moscow. He came to international prominence following Dynamo Moscow's tour of Great Britain in 1945 when his outstanding bravery led to him receiving the nickname "Tiger". He was noted for his excellent reflexes and energetic style.

With Dynamo Moscow he won Soviet Championships in 1945 and 1949, while he was also a runner up on four other occasions. He was also remembered as a mentor to the great Lev Yashin in the early part of Yashin's career with Dynamo Moscow.

After retiring as a player, Khomich became sports photographer, working with Sovetsky Sport and Futbol.