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Alexela Group is a group of companies located in Estonia. It is divided into metal works branch Alexela Metal, real estate branch Alexela Property, and energy-related businesses branch Alexela Energy. The majority of the group's shares are owned by Estonian businessman Heiti Hääl. The group was reorganized as a holding company in summer 2012.[1]

Alexela Energy[edit]

Alexela Group's energy-companies are Alexela Oil, Reola Gaas, Kiviõli Keemiatööstus, Alexela Logistics, Balti Gaas, Energia Nord, Alexela Energia and Gaasienergia.[2][3] Alexela Oil is an operator of service stations chain in Estonia. In March 2006, it purchased from YX Energi the Uno-X chain in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.[4] In 2009–2010, it sold its service stations in Lithuania to Neste Oil and in Latvia to LR īpašumu aģentūra.[5][6]

Reola Gaas is a company selling liquid gas. It was acquired from Neste Oil in 2011.

In December 2011, Alexela bought 50% stake in Kiviõli Keemiatööstus, a shale-oil producer. In 2014 the whole company was acquired by Alexela. [2][7]

Balti Gaas is planning an LNG terminal in Paldiski.[2]

Alexela Logistics[edit]

Alexela Logistics is an oil transportation and logistics company, which through its daughter companies owns and operates oil terminals in Paldiski, Sillamäe (both in Estonia) and Sløvåg (Norway).[8][9] The company had a stake also in the terminal in Murmansk (Russia); however, this stake was sold in October 2007.[10] In addition to Heiti Hääl and management of the company, the major shareholder is Puma Energy, a subsidiary of Trafigura.[11]

In May 2007, Alexela Logistics bought Norwegian oil terminal Vest Tank (now Alexela Slovaag) in Sløvåg Gulen, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. On 24 May 24 2007, one day after the acquisition entered into force, an explosion occurred in a tank having severe environmental and health consequences for people living nearby.[9] According to the court ruling, the former owner of Vest Tank had to pay 160 million Norwegian krone to Alexela Solvaag to cover the costs of emptying the containers, renovating the terminal and liquidating the pollution caused by the explosion.[12]

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