Alexey Favorsky

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Alexey Favorsky
Aleksey Favorsky (1860-1945).jpg
Alexey Yevgrafovich Favorsky
Born Alexey Yevgrafovich Favorsky
3 March [O.S. 20 February] 1860
Pavlovo, Nizhny Novgorod Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 8 August 1945(1945-08-08) (aged 74)
Leningrad, RSFSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Alma mater University of Moscow ,
University of Saint Petersburg
Doctoral advisor Alexander Butlerov
Doctoral students Sergei Vasiljevich Lebedev,
Vladimir Ipatieff
Known for Favorskii rearrangement,
Favorskii reaction

Alexey Yevgrafovich Favorsky, also spelled Favorskii (Russian: Алексе́й Евгра́фович Фаво́рский; 3 March [O.S. 20 February] 1860 – 8 August 1945), was a Soviet/Russian chemist.


Favorsky studied chemistry at the imperial University of Saint Petersburg from 1878 to 1882. He joined Alexander Butlerov's laboratory for several years, and in 1891 became a lecturer. In 1895, Favorksy received his PhD and became professor for technical chemistry. His discovery of the Favorskii rearrangement in 1894 and the Favorskii reaction between 1900 and 1905 are connected to his name. He worked at the new inorganics department from 1897, and served as its director from 1934 to 1937. For his improvement of the production of synthetic rubber, Favorsky was awarded the Stalin Prize in 1941.

The artist Vladimir Favorsky was his nephew.

Favorsky died in 1945 and was buried at the Volkovskoye Orthodox cemetery.

Favorsky flask - flask invented by Favorsky.

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