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Alexey Glyzin
Alexey Glyzin.jpg
Background information
Birth nameAlexey Sergeevich Glyzin
Born (1954-01-13) 13 January 1954 (age 65)
GenresPop, Russian pop
Years active1977 - present

Alexey Sergeevich Glyzin (Russian: Алексе́й Серге́евич Глы́зин; born January 13, 1954, Mytischi) is a Soviet and Russian pop singer and actor. He has received various awards, including Honored Artist of Russia (2006),[1] and the Chanson of the Year award (2016).

Early life[edit]

His parents were Sergey Vasilievich Glyzin and Seraphima Alexeyevna Glyzina.

Alexey graduated from music school, studying piano. After graduating from eighth grade he studied radio apparatus construction. He dropped out and began to play in the Mytishchi ensemble.

After studying at the correspondence department in Tambov he transferred to the Moscow State Art and Cultural University, where he studied on a full-time pop-brass faculty. In the third year he was drafted into the army in the Far East, where he served near the Chinese border, a junior aviation specialists. Then he moved to the music platoon.[2]


He worked in the ensemble band Dobry Molodtsy. In 1977 he joined Samotsvety. In 1978 he joined Rhythm, accompanying Alla Pugacheva.

From 1979 to 1988 he played in the Vesyolye Rebyata ensemble, which received All-Union popularity. In August 1988, he gathered a group he named Ura and started a solo career.

He released 7 albums, 3 of which were collections of his songs. In 2006, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding Alexey Glyzin honorary title Honored Artist of Russia.

Personal life[edit]

His first wife was Lyudmila Glyzina.[3] Later he married rhythmic gymnast Sania Glyzina (Babiy) (1971).[3] His children are TV and movie director Alexey Glyzin (1975) and Igor Glyzin (1992)[3] who engaged in melee combat.[2]


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