Alexiares and Anicetus

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Alexiares and Anicetus (Ἀλεξιάρης Alexiarês and Ανικητος Anikêtos) are minor deities in Greek Mythology. Alexiares and Anicetus are the twin sons of the agnate sibling deities (Zeus is father to both, sharing consanguinity) Heracles and Hebe, and along with their father, the guardians of Mount Olympus. Their names mean "he who wards off war" and "the unconquerable one" respectively. They remained eternally children, perhaps because of their mother's connection with youth.

They were worshiped the most in Thebes and Rhodes, their powers were said to be youth and sports. Little is known about them besides a mention of their birth in the Bibliotheca: Heracles achieved immortality, and when Hera’s enmity changed to friendship, he married her daughter Hebe, who bore him sons Alexiares and Anicetus.[1]


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