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The name Alexis has been used in large part due to Saint Alexius of Rome
Gender Unisex
Language(s) Greek
Meaning "helper, defender"
Other names
See also Alexander, Alexandra, Alex, Lexi, Alejandro, Alejandra, Lex

Alexis is a given name derived from the Greek word ἀλέξω or aléxo, meaning "to help, defend." It was the name of several saints venerated by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, including Saint Alexis of Rome, and of a Russian tsar, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich of Russia. It was used as a name for several other members of the ruling house of Russia, including Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia and Alexei Petrovich, Tsarevich of Russia.

The name was traditionally male, though it has been in use as a girls' name in the United States since at least the 1940s, when actress Alexis Smith (born Gladys Smith) began appearing in movies, and has been among the top 50 most popular names for girls in the United States since 1990. In the 2008 book 5-Star Baby Name Advisor, author Bruce Lansky writes that the girls name has the image of a "sexy and seductive knockout."[1] The increase in popularity of the name is sometimes attributed to the 1981 debut of the character Alexis Colby on the American television series Dynasty. A 1978 movie, Ice Castles, featured as the main character a blind figure skater named Alexis "Lexie" Winston.

Aleksi, a Finnish variant, was the third most popular name for boys born in Finland in 2007.[2] Alessia, an Italian feminine variant, was the second most common name for girls born in Italy in 2006.[3] Alesia, a feminine variant, and Aleksio, a masculine variant, are currently popular names for boys and girls in Albania.

Masculine variants[edit]

Feminine variants[edit]


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