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Alexis Conran
Alexis Conran.png
Born Paris, France[1][2][3]
Residence London, England
Nationality British
Occupation Actor, writer and TV Presenter
Spouse(s) Cosima Shaw (?-present)[4]

Alexis Conran (or Alex Conran) is a British Actor, writer and TV presenter. He was born in South Paris, France, and moved to Greece when he was a child. Alexis won Celebrity Masterchef 2016 on 29 July beating Louise Minchin and Jimmy Osmond in the final.[2][5]

Early life[edit]

Conran was born in Paris to a father who was a gambling addict and started to get in debt. He turned to crime and became a thief and conman, eventually getting arrested. When Conran was 7 years old, his parents got divorced. He was then raised by his mother with the help of her parents.[6][1][2][3]

Aged 16, he moved to London to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.[1][2][3][3]


In 2000, Conran starred in the music video for Blockhead's "Insomniac Olympics", directed by Sam Arthur.[citation needed]. Later that year he had a minor role in the TV miniseries Arabian Nights, playing Prince Ali.[7]

His stage work includes Excuses! in 2003.[citation needed] In 2003, he was a member of a team of experts advising the writers and actors of the hit BBC series Hustle,[3] which he later co-wrote and presented (confidence trickster) on the follow-up 2006-2012 hit series The Real Hustle on BBC Three.[8] In 2015 he starred in the show Man v Expert on the Discovery Channel, in which he used various tricks to try to beat experts in their own field of expertise.[2] In 2013 Alexis wrote and presented Hustling America for Channel 5 and National Geographic, which was similar to The Real Hustle.[8][9]

He has helped the Office of Fair Trading show consumers how to avoid becoming the victim of a fraud.[10][2]

His other television roles include 2 episodes he starred in season 5 of the show Waking the Dead, as Michael Sherman.[11][12] He appeared in the TV show Wire in the Blood. He also starred in a TV advert for Zovirax cold sore cream.[citation needed] In 2013 he appeared in the Channel 4 show Eye Spy and in August 2015 he presented the Channel 5 morning show The Wright Stuff whilst the host was on holiday.

Alexis plays Dr Petridis in ITV's The Durrells.

In 2016, Alexis started his own radio show The Radio Hustle every Saturday 1-3pm on TalkRADIO.

In 2016, he co-presented The Joy of Techs for his best friend, Marcus Brigstocke.[13]

He is Celebrity MasterChef Champion 2016.

Personal life[edit]

Conran is a member of The Magic Circle[citation needed] and Equity.[citation needed] Conran is a technophile.[13] He is a collector of playing cards, owning over 500 decks and spends an hour each day practising card tricks.[3]


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