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Alexis Georgoulis

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Alexis Georgoulis
Αλέξης Γεωργούλης
Georgoulis in October 2019
Born (1974-10-06) 6 October 1974 (age 49)
  • Actor
  • politician
Political partySyriza (2019-2023)
Member of the European Parliament
for Greece
In office

Alexis Georgoulis (Greek: Αλέξης Γεωργούλης; born 1974) is a Greek actor and politician.

Personal life[edit]

Georgoulis was born on 6 October 1974 in Larissa, Greece.[1] His father worked for OPAP and his mother taught kindergarten. Georgoulis served his mandatory military service in the Hellenic Army,[2] and began studying civil engineering at the National Technical University of Athens in 1993. In 1996, he began acting with local drama schools, and in 1997, he was accepted to the Vasilis Diamantopoulos' Jasmine drama school.[3]


After performing with the dance troupe Heresis in their renditions of Carmen 33 and The Return, Georgoulis began working in television. He first took smaller roles in Alice in Wonderland and Death Agony, but it was his co-starring role in 2001's Eisai to Tairi mou that elevated the Greek actor to stardom.[3] According to the WGBH Educational Foundation, in recognition of his fame, Georgoulis is called the "George Clooney of Greece" therein.[4]

Performance credits[edit]


Year Title Citation(s)
1997 Carmen 33 [3]
1998 The Return [3]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
1999 Original Sin Eleni's boyfriend Film debut
No one's rose Short movie
2002 The Bubble Makis Mparlavatzas
Tomorrow will be late Antonis Mainas
I'm tired of killing my lovers Vasilis Iordanidis
2003 Oxygen: Blackmail boy Stelios Nousias
2005 Lioumbi Dimitris Georgiou
2009 My Life in Ruins Poupi Kakas
2012 A Green Story George
2015 One summer in Greece Yannis Papadopoulos
Puppets Phillipos Koraes
2016 The Durrells Spiros Chalkiopoulos
2017 Everything is wonderful Maria's lover
2023 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Peter Portokalos


Year Title Role(s) Notes
1997 Goodmorning Life Panos Drakoulas 3 episodes
The good guys are back Episode: "Alice in Wonderland"
1997-1998 We are on air Michalis Karaiskakis 20 episodes
1998 Angel in love: Death Agony TV mini series
2001-2002 You're my Soulmate Sotiris Bezentakos Lead role / 30 episodes
2003-2004 It was a dream Michalis Koroneos Lead role / 20 episodes
2004-2005 Lover of Western Suburbs Spyros Fountas Lead role / 33 episodes
2005-2006 Quicksand George / Himself Lead role / 24 episodes; also writer
2006 The stories of policeman Beccas Dimitris Papazoglou Episode: "Strictly Personal"
Honorable Cuckolds Thanasis Episode: "The Crook Cuckold"
2007 The stories of policeman Beccas Gerasimos Petridis Episode: "The Angel"
If you love me doctor 5 episodes
2007-2008 One month or something Andreas Maragkos Lead role / 25 episodes
2011 No if you receive more than the one who doesn't have Georgios Karaiskakis / Kolochalikis (voice roles) 2 episodes
2014 Happiness 22: The Mini Market Charis Lead role / 8 episodes
2015-2016 Barman Himself (host) Late night talk show on Alpha TV
2016-2019 The Durrells Spiros Halikiopoulos Lead role / 26 episodes
2019-2020 Your Face Sounds Familiar Himself (judge) Season 5-6
2020 Joker Himself (host) Daytime game show on OPEN


As a member of Syriza,[5] he was elected to the European Parliament on 26 May 2019[6] for a four-year term. His platform included the promotion of the cinema of Greece.[4] When his involvement in an alleged case of sexual harassment went public in 2023, he was expelled from both Syriza and The Left in the European Parliament – GUE/NGL.[7][8]


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Further reading[edit]

  • Georgoulis, Alexis (5 April 2023), "Against SLAPPs in the face of democracy", Euractiv, archived from the original on 6 April 2023, retrieved 7 April 2023, Independent journalism is an indispensable cornerstone of our democracy; by providing citizens with reliable information and at the same holding those in power accountable, it is absolutely essential for the checks and balances without which democracy does not function properly, writes MEP Alexis Georgoulis.

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