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Alexis Kouros (born 1961, in Kermanshah, Iran) is an Iranian-Finnish writer, documentary-maker, director and producer.

His first book, Gondwana's Children, won the Finlandia Junior award in 1997. His first film was the 2000 documentary, Waiting for Godot at De Gaulle, the story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri.

He also directed a documentary called Without My Daughter[1] in response to the 1991 Hollywood movie, Not Without My Daughter. He started his production company Dream Catcher. The company started publishing Finland's first English language monthly called SixDegrees in 2003. Helsinki Times, a weekly English newspaper was established by Dream Catcher in April 2007. Kouros went on to become the editor in chief for the Helsinki Times.[2][3]


  • Gondwana's Children
  • Harmattan, the Traveler and the Dream Catcher


  • Waiting for Godot at De Gaulle
  • Without my Daughter
  • Rubina doesn't live here anymore..
  • Chosen
  • Rooted
  • Kokonainen

TV series[edit]


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