Alexis Nolent

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Alexis Nolent
Born Rouen, France
Nationality French
Area(s) Writer
Pseudonym(s) Matz
Notable works
The Killer
Awards Prix Saint-Michel:
Best Story (2004)
Best French Language Comic (2006)

Alexis Nolent (a.k.a. Matz) is a French writer. He writes scripts for videogames and has also written a novel and, under the Matz pen-name, a number of comics.

Life and career[edit]

Nolent was born in Rouen, France, and grew up in the Caribbean, before moving to Paris.[1]

His graphic novel Du Plomb Dans La Tete, AKA Headshot, was adapted into the 2012 film Bullet to the Head.[2] He has written The Killer (Le Tueur) and Cyclops (Cyclopes) both of which have been optioned for films, also by producer Alexandra Milchan, the former at Paramount with director David Fincher[3] and the latter at Warner Brothers by James Mangold.[4] The Killer is his first to be published in English and is published by Archaia Studios Press,[5] who are dividing each of volumes into two parts and releasing in American comic book format bi-monthly. The first four issues were collected as a hardcover volume, which won IGN's Best Indy Book of 2007 Award,[6] Newsarama's Best of '07 gave it the "Best Comic You Didn’t Read This Year" award[7] and Entertainment Weekly named it #2 in a list of Best comics of 2007.[8]

Other work includes Headshot (Du plomb dans la tête) with Colin Wilson, Shandy with Dominique Bertail and an upcoming adaptation of Jim Thompson's novel Savage Night with artist Miles Hyman.[9][10]

The Killer has been optioned for a film.[11]





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