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Alexy van Kimmenade (born: Van de Kimmenade) (born 15 December 1981, Merksem, Belgium) was the star in the reallife programme Dirty Cows, presented by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

His parents are (Dutch) Wim van Kimmenade (see also Wikipedia Van de Kimmenade) and (Belgian) Pinky Countess le Grelle (daughter of count Pierre-Amaury le Grelle), who divorced in 1986. This was Pinky le Grelle's second marriage, before she was married to (Belgian) Dominique baron de Meester de Ravestein. Later le Grelle remarried to jonkheer Michel van Hoorebeke.

Alexy grew up in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and on his mothers' estate in Cornwall, and was educated at different schools in Belgium and England. He speaks several languages. He also has an older brother named Roderick.

Dirty Cows[edit]

Take 10 perfectly manicured girls, one cold and lofty Devon barn, add a heart-stoppingly handsome young farmer looking for love and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson to oversee the proceedings and you've got the recipe for a great life changing story.[citation needed]

Forget their NY nails, Prada handbags, Gucci sunglasses and Tiffany bracelets; the girls are to swap their swanky city ways for a good old taste of the simple life. Across eight manure filled episodes, the girls will get a taste of real rural life as they are chased by turkeys, hounded at the barn dance and scared out of their wits in the 4x4 midnight rally. Each week one malfunctioning milkmaid was sent packing until Alexy found his perfect match.

The girls are going to learn how to pluck chickens, how to wrestle pigs and how to shear sheep. The names of the girls are: Larissa, Danielle, Claire, Chantalle, Keeley, Hannah, Judi, Candice, Tazmin and Thea.

Alexy chooses Keeley out of a final three of Claire, Keeley and Larissa.


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