Alfa Romeo 110A

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Alfa Romeo 110A
Alfa romeo 110 2.jpg
Length12 m (470 in)

Alfa Romeo 110A is model of autobus produced from Alfa Romeo between 1934 and 1950.
The bus is produced for the needs of the public transport in Milan, Italy.


12 examples from Tallero
8 examples from Macchi
12 examples from Verasina
The bus had a higher version from Carponi from this version only 2 copies were made.

Technical characteristic[edit]

The bus is uses engine with 140 hp and had 3 wheelbases. The length of the bus is 12 m (470 in) and the volume is 12,517 cc.[1] The engine consume fuel from gas and metan. The bus had 2 doors and had 28 seats.


Used in Milan from ATM.


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