Alfa Romeo 350

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Alfa Romeo 350
Alfa Romeo 350 13650.jpg
ManufacturerAlfa Romeo
Production1935 - 1937
AssemblyPortello, Milan, Italy
Body and chassis
ClassCommercial vehicle
Engine6.1 L diesel
Length6,958 mm (273.9 in)
Width2,060 mm (81.1 in)
SuccessorAlfa Romeo 500

Alfa Romeo 350 is a medium Italian truck produced by Alfa Romeo in its Portello Plant. It was made after the 85 and 110 proved to be too heavy and expensive.[1]

Technical characteristics[edit]

The 350 was equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine Deutz type F6M 313[2] of 6.1 L displacement that delivered a 75 PS (55 kW; 74 hp) at 2000 rpm, coupled to a manual gearbox with 4 gears plus reverse gear.[3] Had place for 2 people in the cabin.


Like the models already in production at Portello, the 350 was also based on German Büssing model, the 275 type: the development began in 1934[4] and compared to the original version the engine was upgraded and revised chassis and brakes.[5] The production ceased in 1937, with the introduction of the 500, evolution of the 350 studied for the service in Italian East Africa.[6] The 350 was right hand drive model like all trucks built in Italy until 1974.

A total of 701 350 were produced, including the bus version.[7]


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