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Museo Alfa Romeo - La macchina del tempo
Museo Storico Alfa Romeo
" 15 - MILAN - Pedestrian crossings.JPG
The museum in 2015, after the renovation work
Established 18 December 1976
Location Viale Alfa Romeo
Arese, Milan, Italy
Coordinates 45°33′27″N 9°02′46″E / 45.557400°N 9.046120°E / 45.557400; 9.046120
Type Automobile museum
Visitors 10,500 (2006)[1]
Owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Museo Storico Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo Historical Museum; subsequently called Museo Alfa Romeo - La macchina del tempo, literally Alfa Romeo Museum - The time machine) is Alfa Romeo's official museum, located in Arese (Milan), and displaying a permanent collection of Alfa Romeo cars and engines.

After being closed down in 2011, the museum reopened in June 2015.[2]


The museum was officially inaugurated on 18 December 1976,[1][3] and is located in the former Alfa Romeo Arese factory area.

At the beginning of 2009 the museum was closed down a first time for renovations and opened in the end of the year, to celebrate Alfa Romeo’s 100th birthday in 2010. It was closed once more in February 2011, reportedly for renovation work again.[4] The renovation project was laid down at the end of 2013, and restoration work only started in Summer 2014.[2] Centerpiece of the renewed structure are Alfa red projecting roofs added to the original 1970s structure.[2]

After four years the Museum officially reopened on 24 June 2015, when it hosted the press unveiling of the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo logo, both key steps in the relaunch of the brand.[2] On 30 June 2015 the museum reopened to the public.[2]


The museum is dedicated to over 100 years of history of the Alfa Romeo marque, which production included automobiles, commercial vehicles, railway locomotives, tractors, buses, trams, marine and aircraft engines.

The museum spreads over 4,800 square metres (52,000 sq ft). Its six floors are divided into four theme areas, including a historical review of all Alfa Romeo road cars produced since 1910, prototypes and dream cars, aircraft and aeronautical projects, and scale models and awards.

The museum collection numbers over 250 cars and 150 engines, of which approximately half were on display. These included at least one example of each model produced, plus prototypes and racing cars.[3] Some of the museum cars are regularly on loan for festivals and historical events, like Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Mille Miglia.

The renewed 2015 exhibit includes 69 cars.[2]

Scuderia del Portello[edit]

Scuderia del Portello is a factory-backed Alfa Romeo racing team which competing in vintage auto racing. The team was founded in 1982 by a group of Alfa Romeo gentleman drivers and it got mandate to campaign and represents historical Alfa Romeo cars from Museo Storico dell’Alfa Romeo in 1989.[5] The team participates in different exhibitions and historical racing events like the Goodwood of Festival of Speed and the Carrera Panamerica.[6]

Selection of exhibits[edit]


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