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The entrance to the Alfa Romeo Portello plant in via Gattamelata in the 1960s.

The Alfa Romeo Portello Plant in Portello Milan, Italy was the first Alfa Romeo factory, and the main factory between 1908 and the 1960s. The factory was closed in 1986, but all major production had already been transferred 20 years earlier to the Alfa Romeo Arese Plant. The history of the factory is primarily involved in automobile manufacture, but over the years other products were manufactured as well.


The first industrial plant was founded by the French company Darracq, which had decided to open a branch in Italy. The site chosen for that purpose was directly adjacent to areas that had hosted the 1906 International fair in Milan. The location was on Via Gattamelata in Milan, on the way to Gallarate, in the then extreme north-western outskirts of the city.

The same area was chosen by other car companies to establish their headquarters or branches, first Isotta Fraschini, then Citroën, FIAT, Carrozzeria Touring, Zagato and the Cesare Sala Bodyworks. The latter was essentially forced to choose that area because their activities were closely linked to those of Alfa.[1]

List of cars produced[edit]

Image Brand Model Production start/end Nr. produced Note
Alfa Romeo1906.jpg Darracq 8/10 HP and 14/16 HP 1906/1909 In 1909 the Darracq company ceased operation and the plant was purchased by a group of Milanese businessmen.
ALFA-24-HP.jpg A.L.F.A. 24 HP 1910/1913 The platform of the 24HP was the basis for a family of cars built before 1921 as the 12HP, 15HP, 40-60 HP, 15-20 HP and 20-30 HP.
Alfa 12 hp.jpg A.L.F.A. 12 HP 1910/1911
Alfa 15 HP.jpg A.L.F.A. 15 HP 1911/1913
Alfa Romeo 4060.jpg A.L.F.A. 40-60 HP 1913/1914
A.L.F.A. 15-20 HP 1913/1914
Alfa Romeo 20-30 ES.jpg A.L.F.A. - Alfa Romeo 20-30 HP 1914/1921 124 Produced until 1918 as A.L.F.A.
Alfa romeo g1 limousine.jpg Alfa Romeo G1 1921/1923
Alfa-Romeo-RL.jpg Alfa Romeo RL 1922/1927
Alfa Romeo RM Sport Castagna.jpg Alfa Romeo RM 1923/1925 circa 500
Alfa-Romeo 6C-2500-Touring.JPG Alfa Romeo 6C 1925/1954
Alfa Romeo 1938 8C 2900B Berlinetta - John Shirley AD.jpg Alfa Romeo 8C 1931/1939
Alfa Romeo 1900 berlina (front view).jpg Alfa Romeo 1900 1950/1959 17,243 The 1900 was assembled under license in Belgium by "Empire" from 1953 to 1954 and in Argentina by "Industrias Kaiser Argentina" from 1960 to 1962.
MHV Alfa-Romeo Matta 01.jpg Alfa Romeo Matta 1951/1955 2,161
Gaisbergrennen 2009 Bergfahrt 156.jpg Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1955/1963 circa 132,000 The Spider and coupe versions were built at the Pininfarina plant respectively at San Giorgio Canavese (Turin) and Grugliasco (Torino). They were also assembled in South Africa in East London from 1960 to 1963.
Alfa 2000 touring spider.JPG Alfa Romeo 2000 2000 1958/1961 6,961 The 2000 was built in Brazil until 1969 by the Fabrica Nacional de Motores, Brazilian subsidiary of Alfa Romeo, with the name of FNM 2000
Renault Dauphine red.jpg Alfa Romeo (Renault) Dauphine 1959/1963 The Alfa Romeo produced this car under license on behalf of Renault. The differences from the French model were limited to the electrical system 12V (Magneti-Marelli) and the presence of the trademark "Alfa Romeo" on the trunk.
Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint.JPG Alfa Romeo 2600 1961/1968 11,453 The 2600 was also assembled in South Africa in East London from 1963 to 1968.
Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 TI vr.jpg Alfa Romeo Giulia 1962/1965 In 1965 production was transferred to the new Alfa Romeo Arese Plant in Milan.

Coordinates: 45°29′27″N 9°08′29″E / 45.490795°N 9.141494°E / 45.490795; 9.141494


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