Alfa Romeo Tipo A

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Alfa Romeo Tipo A
Alfa Romeo Gran Premio tipo A 1931.jpg
Alfa Romeo Gran Premio Tipo A 1931
ManufacturerAlfa Romeo
DesignerVittorio Jano
Body and chassis
Classrace car
Body stylesingle-seater
LayoutFR layout
Engine2 × 1752 cc I6 DOHC
230 bhp at 5200 rpm,Memini DOA carburetor and supercharger
Transmission3-speed manual
Wheelbase110 in (2,794 mm)
Curb weight930 kg (2050 lb)
SuccessorAlfa Romeo P3

Alfa Romeo Tipo A Monoposto was the first monoposto (single-seater) racing car, designed by Alfa Romeo. The car had two 6C 1750 straight-6 engines and gearboxes assembled side by side. Producing 230 bhp (172 kW), the car had top speed of 149 mph (240 km/h).

The car's best racing achievement was in the Coppa Acerbo of 1931; Tazio Nuvolari was third with Giuseppe Campari winning. Luigi Arcangeli was killed at Monza in 1931 while practising with this car for the Italian GP. The car's complex design ultimately led to it being very unreliable; Jano started to design a new car, the Tipo B (P3), to fix this problem.[1] The Tipo A was made in only four examples and only one replica exists today in Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese.[2]


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