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Saint Alferius
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Canonizedcultus confirmed in 1893 by Leo XIII
FeastApril 12

Saint Alferius (Italian: Sant'Alferio) (930–1050) was an Italian abbot and saint. After spending many years as a layman in civil service, in 1002 he was named the head of a delegation from his city to speak with King Henry II of France. Taking ill during the journey, he convalesced at a monastery and vowed to become a monk himself if he recovered. When he did, he became a Benedictine. He subsequently founded the monastery of La Trinità della Cava, located at Cava de' Tirreni.


The first four abbots of Cava were officially recognized as saints on December 21, 1893, by Pope Leo XIII.[1] The first four abbots are Alferius; Leo I (1050–79); Peter of Pappacarbone (1079–1123); and Constabilis.



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