Alfons Gabriel

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Alfons Gabriel
Born 1894
Died 1976 (aged 81–82)
Occupation Geographer, travel writer, author, explorer

Alfons Gabriel (1894–1976) was an Austrian geographer, explorer and travel writer who made several trips to the deserts of Iran, during 1927-8, 1933, and 1937.[1]

Gabriel wrote five books about his trips and findings. His book Durch Persiens Wüsten (1935) is translated into Persian.


  • Im weltfernen Orient, Munich and Berlin, 1929.
  • Durch Persiens Wüsten, Stuttgart, 1935.
  • Aus dem Einsamkeiten Irans, Stuttgart, 1939.
  • Weites, wildes Iran, Stuttgart, 1942.
  • Die Erforschung Persiens, Vienna, 1952