Alfons Pawelczyk

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Alfons Pawelczyk
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Hamburg State Minister of the Interior
Second Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg
In office
Preceded by Helga Elstner
Succeeded by Ingo von Münch
Personal details
Born 1933
Nationality German
Political party SPD

Alfons Pawelczyk (born 1933 in Parnow, Province of Pomerania) is a German politician. As a representative of the Social Democratic Party, he was Hamburg state minister of the Interior and second mayor in Hamburg.

Pawelczyk was lieutenant colonel of the German federal armed forces and member of the German federal parliament from 1969 to 1980.[1] [2][better source needed] He was also member of the Hamburg Parliament, in 1982 state minister (German: Senator) of the Interior, and in 1986 second mayor of Hamburg.[3]

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