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Alfonso Cortina de Alcocer (born March 13, 1944 in Madrid, Spain). Ex-President, ex-Chairman, and ex-Chief Executive Officer of Repsol YPF, Spain's largest oil and gas group. He graduated in Industrial Engineering and holds a further degree in Economic Sciences. His father is Pedro Cortina Mauri, foreign minister during government of Carlos Arias Navarro.

His career[edit]

He began his career in the banking sector, where he held various positions at BBVA, Banco Zaragozano and Banco Central. Alfonso Cortina de Alcocer became president of the Spanish oil firm Repsol in 1996 despite his lack of experience in the petroleum industry.

  • 1968–1982: Banco de Vizcaya Group (various positions including engineer, vice chairman, and managing director).
  • 1984–1990: Portland Valderrivas (vice president).
  • 1990–1996: Portland Valderrivas (president).
  • 1996–2004: Repsol YPF (President, Chairman, and CEO)

Also Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor for Spain and Latin America, Rothschild Europe.

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