Alfred (software)

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Original author(s)Andrew Pepperrell, Vero Pepperrell [1]
Developer(s)Running with Crayons Ltd
Initial release2010 [1]
Stable release
v5.5 / 20 March 2024; 20 days ago (2024-03-20)[2]
Operating systemmacOS
TypeApplication launcher (utility software)
LicenseProprietary Edit this at Wikidata

Alfred is an application launcher and productivity software for macOS developed by Running with Crayons Ltd. It provides faster access to applications, files, folders, dictionaries, and various system functions.[3] Alfred is similar to macOS's Spotlight function, but offers a higher degree of customizability and extensibility through its action system known as "workflows".


Alfred comes with following features:


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Alfred's functionality can be extended through "workflows", which are constructed through a visual scripting system based on nodes.[15] Creating workflows does not require programming knowledge,[16] although it does support the execution of scripts written in AppleScript, Bash, Python, and others.[17]

Many of Alfred's features and workflows can be accessed by defining a global keyboard shortcut or a keyword before the query.[18][19]

Alfred's visual appearance is customizable through themes.[20] It comes with a collection of presets that can be used for free, while creating and importing themes requires paid version.

Alfred Remote[edit]

Alfred Remote is a mobile companion application available for iOS.[21] It allows to control various functions on a macOS device where the paid version of Alfred is installed. These functions include adjusting volume, controlling Music, launching applications, and executing workflows.[22]

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