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Alfred is a heroic opera in three acts by the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. It was Dvořák's first opera and the only one he composed to a German text. The libretto, by Carl Theodor Körner, had already been set by Friedrich von Flotow (as Alfred der Große) and is based on the story of the English king Alfred the Great. Composed in 1870, Alfred was never performed during Dvořák's lifetime. It received its premiere (in Czech translation) at the City Theatre, Olomouc on 10 December 1938.

The opera was performed for the first time with its original German libretto on 17 September 2014, in Prague.[1]


  • Alfred - Petra Froese (Alvina, soprano), Ferdinand von Bothmer (Harald, tenor), Felix Rumpf (Alfred, baritone), Jörg Sabrowski (Gothron, baritone), Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Heiko Mathias Förster. ArcoDiva 2014


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