Alfred Aaron de Pass

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Alfred Aaron de Pass (1861–1952) was a South African-born businessman, art-collector and philanthropist. Being born from a wealthy family, which controlled a vast guano enterprise, he spent a considerable amount of his personal fortune on buying works of art, many of which he generously gave to several galleries and museums, specially at Falmouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Plymouth and Truro, as well as to the National Portrait Gallery, the British Museum and to Cape Town. He had a special relationship with Falmouth, regarding it as his home. This town received much of his art donations, which now constitute the core of the Falmouth Art Gallery.[1] He also purchased a large number of British and international works for the collection of the National Gallery of South Africa, now known as Iziko.[2] He was married to Ethel Phoebe De Pass, née Salaman (1869–1910).


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