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Alfred William Stephens Cross (1858–1932)[1] was a British architect.

From 1889 to 1899 he was in partnership with Henry Spalding as Spalding and Cross, taking part in many competitions for building design. Cross and his son (Kenneth Mervyn Baskerville Cross, 1890–1968) became specialised in designs for public baths.


Photo taken in 1896 of Dulwich Public Baths (now Dulwich Leisure Centre).
Illustration from Public Baths and Wash Houses (1906) showing the ideal laundry layout in a public wash house.
Public Baths
Other works


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  1. ^ Coventry Baths were damaged during the blitz of 1940 and demolished in 1966. The only remaining evidence of the building can be found in the car park opposite the current Coventry Central Baths on Fairfax Street (opened in 1966), which has a small brick block which housed the filtration tanks (Gordon & Inglis 2009, p. 240).
  2. ^ Additions included 8 slipper baths, 16 Lassar Baths (showers) with changing cubicles and a boiler house.


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