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Alfred H. Dymond
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Alfred Hutchinson Dymond (August 21, 1827 – May 11, 1903) was a Canadian writer and politician.

Born in Croydon, England, the son of Henry Dymond, he emigrated to Canada in 1869. He was an editorial writer for the Toronto Globe (now the Toronto Globe and Mail after amalgamation). In 1874 he was elected to sit for York North in the Canadian Parliament. He was re-elected in a contested by-election in 1875 and continued to sit until being defeated in the general election of 1878.

He was appointed to the Agriculture Commission which published 5 volumes during his tenure as chief executive officer. In 1880 he was appointed principal of the Ontario School for the Blind.

Originally a Quaker, in 1852, Dymond married Helen Susannah Henderson, an Anglican, and later became active in the Anglican church. He died in Brantford at the age of 75.

His daughter-in-law, Emma Stanton Mellish[1] was one of the first two women to graduate from the University of Trinity College (later part of the University of Toronto).


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