Alfred E. Clarke Mansion

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Alfred E. Clarke Mansion
The Caselli Mansion, San Francisco (3720041013).jpg
The Caselli Mansion or Alfred E. Clarke Mansion in 2009
Location250 Douglass Street, San Francisco, USA
Coordinates37°45′35″N 122°26′22″W / 37.75961°N 122.43953°W / 37.75961; -122.43953Coordinates: 37°45′35″N 122°26′22″W / 37.75961°N 122.43953°W / 37.75961; -122.43953
AreaCastro District
Original useSingle-Family Residence (Hospital in early 1900s)
ArchitectAlfred E. Clarke
Architectural style(s)Baroque Queen-Anne[1]
Official name: Alfred E. (Nobby) Clarke Mansion[2]
DesignatedDecember 7, 1975
Reference no.80[2]
Alfred E. Clarke Mansion is located in San Francisco
Alfred E. Clarke Mansion
Location of Alfred E. Clarke Mansion in San Francisco

The Alfred E. Clarke Mansion, also known as Caselli Mansion, Nobby Clarke's Castle and Nobby Clarke's Folly, is a mansion in San Francisco, California, located at 250 Douglass Street in the Castro neighborhood.[3] The Clarke Mansion survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires which had destroyed many of the Victorian mansions from the same era.[4] On December 7, 1975, it was designated a San Francisco City landmark. The mansion was used briefly as a hospital. Today, it is used as a rental property, with 15 apartments.

The mansion under construction in the 1870s


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