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Wittenbergplatz station

Alfred Frederik Elias Grenander, (26 June 1863 in Skövde, Sweden – 14 March 1931 in Berlin), was one of the most prominent architects during the first building period of the Berlin U-Bahn in the first half of the twentieth century.

Grenander began studying at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in 1881 and changed to the Royal Technical College of Charlottenburg in 1885. After his final degree in 1890 he became a site engineer at the construction of the new Reichstag building under the direction of Paul Wallot. From 1897 he worked as a designer of the Hochbahngesellschaft, an affiliate of Siemens & Halske, which built the first U-Bahn elevated railway of Berlin. Between 1902 and 1930 he constructed numerous U-Bahn stations, many of which have landmark status today.

List of Berlin U-Bahn Stations designed by Grenander[edit]