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Alfred Harrison (1865-August 1933) was an English explorer.

Early life[edit]

  • Alfred Henry Harrison was born in 1865 to Daniel Alfred Harrison and Mary Jane Hardcastle Burder in Islington, Middlesex.
  • He was educated at Stonyhurst College [1]
  • When he came of age in 1866 he sold much of his grandfather's property to which he was heir.
  • Daniel Harrison, Alfred's father died when aboard a ship going to Liverpool, when the ship began to sink Daniel Harrison went down to the cabins to save Alfred [2]

Early Expeditions[edit]

  • His first expedition was to the Rocky Mountains and was followed up by a second expedition to the same place a few years later [2]
  • He then went to Northern Africa [2]
  • He then went on a Hunting trip to the Slave Lake, Canada [2]

In Search of a Polar Continent[edit]

  • After this hunting trip he went back to Canada, with the intention, if possible, of reaching the pole, in 1905
  • He spent 18 months living with Eskimos during this trip.
    • The book is contains useful information about the ways of the Eskimo [3]
  • The trip was cut short due to a family member becoming ill and he left Canada in 1907
  • He was planning another expedition, with the specific intention of reaching the North pole, in 1909 but never undertook it


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