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Logo of the Alfred Herrhausen Society

The not-for-profit Alfred Herrhausen Society - The international forum of the Deutsche Bank - mbH (AHG) is Deutsche Bank's international forum. Founded in 1992,[1] the society is named after the spokesman of Deutsche Bank's board of directors, Alfred Herrhausen, who was assassinated in 1989.[2] It is part of Deutsche Bank's commitment to corporate social responsibility.[3] Alfred Herrhausen's daughter, Anna Herrhausen took over as Executive Director in 2017.[4]

Focusing on new forms of governance in the 21st century, the work of Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft focuses the thematic issues "Urbanisation", "Digital Age" and "Germany".

The Project area "Urbanisation" is shaped by the Long-Standing cooperation with the LSE Cities at the London School of Economicsy, which is particularly highlighted by the projects like Urban Age, a research programme jointly organised with LSE Cities at the London School of Economics that looks at the future of cities.[5][6][7]

The Project area "Digital Age" investigates impacts of digitalization on work, life and education. It initiates discourses that address societal and technical aspects as well as questions regarding ethics and morals in a digital age.

The annual conference "Denk ich an Deutschland" is at the core of the project area "Germany". With prominent guests form politics, business and society, it picks up current political issues and yields them into an interdisciplinary discourse.

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft has its headquarters in Berlin, Unter den Linden.[8]


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