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Alfred Holt, from the Sudley House collection. Oil on canvas, ca. 1880-1903, by Robert Edward Morrison

Alfred Holt (13 June 1829 – 28 November 1911) was an engineer, ship owner and merchant. He lived at Crofton, Aigburth in Liverpool, England.[citation needed]

Alfred Holt was one of six brothers, born to George Holt and his wife, Emma.[1] He and his brother, Philip Holt, are noted for founding in 1866 the Alfred Holt and Company and the Ocean Steam Ship Company, which owned and operated the majority of the company's vessels[2] Alfred Holt & Co later became Blue Funnel Line.

One of his other brothers, George Holt, was also a noted Liverpool merchant and ship owner. His youngest brother, Robert Durning Holt, was Mayor of Liverpool. All were Unitarians.[3]


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