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Alfred Lin
Born Taiwan[1]
Alma mater Harvard University(B.A)
Stanford University(M.S.)
Occupation Partner at Sequoia Capital

Alfred Lin is an American venture capitalist at Sequoia Capital.[2][3][4] Lin was the COO, CFO, and Chairman of until 2010.[5][6]

Early Career & Zappos[edit]

Lin holds a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard and a M.S. in Statistics from Stanford.[7] While at Harvard, Lin met Tony Hsieh, the future CEO of Zappos.[8] Hsieh first recognized Lin's business acumen while running a student-owned pizza parlor at Harvard. Lin, his best customer, was buying whole pizzas, splitting them into slices, and selling them for a profit.[8] In 1996, Lin dropped out of a Ph.D program at Stanford to join Hsieh at LinkExchange as CFO.[2] 18 months later LinkExchange sold to Microsoft for $265 million.[9] Later, before joining Zappos, Lin was the VP of Finance and Business Development of Tellme Networks (MSFT). With Tony Hsieh he also co-founded Venture Frogs, an incubator and investment firm.[10] Venture Frogs invested in a variety of tech and Internet startups, including Ask Jeeves, OpenTable, Tellme Networks, and Zappos.[11][11]

From 2005 to 2010 Lin was an integral part of Zappos, taking the roles of Chairman, COO, and CFO.[7] At Zappos Lin was "No. 2 in command", responsible for all financial, administrative, and warehouse operations.[12] He was also responsible for company growth and scaling, bringing the company to its first profitable year in 2006 and to's acquisition of the company in 2009 for $1.2 billion.[3][13][14][15] According to TechCrunch, "Hsieh made at least $214 million; Lin made at least $18 million, with the Venture Frogs shares netting an additional $163 million."[16]

Lin left Zappos in 2010 to join the venture capital firm Sequoia Capital as a partner.[17]

Sequoia Capital & Investments[edit]

TechCrunch has stated that Alfred has the "Midas touch", since "every company he’s worked for has been acquired, and the smallest deal was $265 million."[2] Lin's $265 million deal happened at LinkExchange, which was sold to Microsoft for $265M when he was VP of Finance and Administration and was the first company he ever joined.[18] Lin later helped Tellme Networks which was sold to Microsoft for $800 million.[19] After that, Lin helped from Zappos to later be acquired by Amazon for $1.2 billion. Lin has invested in Airbnb, Achievers, Stella & Dot, Houzz, Humble Bundle, Kiwi, Romotive, Moovit, Styleseat, Uber, and Cardpool (acquired by Blackhawk Networks), AppBistro / MMTG Labs (acquired by InMobi), and SalesCrunch (acquired by ClearSlide.[20][21] He specializes in consumer internet, enterprise and mobile companies.[22]

Lin currently sits on the board of directors at Airbnb, Achievers, FutureAdvisor, Houzz, Humble Bundle, Stella & Dot, Kiwi, and Romotive and also works with Moovit and Trippy.[23][24]


In 2013, Forbes named Lin as one of the "30 Most Influential People in Tech."[25] Lin and his work have been profiled in national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, CNBC, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and Fortune Magazine.[4][26][27][28]


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