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Alfred Maximilien Bonnet (born Frankfurt November 3, 1841) was a German Latinist classical scholar. He studied at Bonn University, then was a lecturer at Lausanne 1866-74 and in Paris 1874-81, then lecturer and from 1890 professor at the University of Montpellier.[1] He made the first modern editions of various New Testament Apocrypha.


  • Narratio de miraculo a Michaele archangelo Chonis patrato, adjecto Symeonis Metaphrastus de eadem re libello (Paris, 1890)
  • Le Latin de Gregoire de Tours (1890)
  • Latin - The Book of Miracles of the Apostle Andrew (1885)
  • Latin - The Acts of Thomas (Leipzig, 1883)
  • Latin - The Acts of Andrew (1895)
  • Acta apostolorum apocrypha (1891) in collaboration with Richard Adelbert Lipsius.


  1. ^ New international encyclopedia: Volume 3 1914 BONNET, bd'nft', Alfbed Maximilien (1841- ). A classical philologist, born in Frankfort-on-the-Main in 1841. He studied at Bonn and became professor of the Latin language and literature at Montpellier."

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