Alfred Urbański

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Alfred Urbański Prime Minister of Poland in Exile 1972-1976

Alfred Urbański (1899–1983) was a Polish politician, a member of the Polish Socialist Party (PPS), primarily known for his political activities within the Polish Government in Exile.

Urbański, an economist, was from 1969 to 1972 member of the Council of Three (Rada Trzech) - a collective head of state in opposition to President in Exile August Zaleski.

After Zaleski's death the Council of Three recognized and supported his successor, President Stanisław Ostrowski. Ostrowski named Urbański to be his 42nd Prime Minister. He served as PM from 18 July 1972 to 15 July 1976.

Urbański had a noble heritage (szlachta).

Political offices
Preceded by
Zygmunt Muchniewski
Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland in Exile
Succeeded by
Kazimierz Sabbat