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Alfredo Casero (born November 12, 1962, in Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province) is an Argentine musician, actor and comedian.

Casero began studying acting with Norman Briski in 1987. Soon after he started working in the underground humour scene of Buenos Aires. In 1992 he created, along with other humorists, the delirious comic show De la cabeza ("Out of our minds"), which later continued as Cha Cha Cha in 1995. In parallel with the TV show he started working in his musical project, and also in a radio show.

The cancellation of Cha Cha Cha in 1997 marks the end of an era of famous characters, such as Manhattan Ruiz, Minister of Postal Economy. Delicatessen, Todo x 2 pesos and Peter Capusotto y sus videos were shows that took much of the former Cha Cha Cha and De la Cabeza, including many actors.

He became better known outside of his country in 2002 when he recorded a Japanese song, Shima Uta, entirely in Japanese. It was the first single from his album, Casaerius. The song became a huge hit in Argentina, where it was chosen as the anthem for the national football team to represent the country at the 2002 FIFA World Cup, in South Korea and Japan.

In 2004 Casero played the character 'Roque Rizzutti' in the Argentinian soap Locas de amor.

He was featured, along with Japanese rock band The Boom (authors of Shima Uta) and Japanese-Argentine folk singer Claudia Oshiro on the Japanese New Year's Eve television show, Kōhaku Uta Gassen, in its 53rd edition (New Year's Eve, December 2002).

Since then he's been devoted to the "Casero Experimendo", an experiment of blogging/humour and theater presentations, all made around improvisation.


Year Film/TV series Character
1991/2 De la cabeza (TV) Fleitas y Chechile, El Show del Clio, Manhattan Ruiz, etc.
1993 Cha cha cha (TV)
1993 Encuentros lejanos Cortometraje
1995 Nico (TV) Anjelica Conchaforte de Pocahontas
1999 Vulnerables (TV) Roberto Chitti
1999 Casero en castellano Personaje desconocido
2000 Los Pintin al rescate Cacho
2000 Felicidades Freddy
2001 Culpables (TV) Aníbal
2001 Antigua vida mía Alejandro
2002 Todas las azafatas van al cielo Julián
2003 El día que me amen Cheche
2004 Locas de amor (TV) Roque Rizzutti
2005 Condón Express Negro
2005 Lifting de corazón Taxista
2005 Sin código (TV) 'Rolo' Wazerman
2006 Rolo y Colo en: No te hagas la cabeza Voz
2006 A Todo Culorr
2008 Gigantes de Valdés Capitán Mórelo
2009 Tratame bien Nacho
2011 Adan Y eva Embajador Spruille Braden
2012 La Dueña Oliverio
2013 Farsantes Marcos




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