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Alfredo Evangelista
Alfredo Evangelista.jpg
Real nameAlfredo Evangelista
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Nationality Uruguay
Born (1954-12-03) December 3, 1954 (age 66)
Montevideo, Uruguay
Boxing record
Total fights78
Wins by KO41

Alfredo Evangelista (born December 3, 1954) is a former Spanish-Uruguayan boxer. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.[1] Evangelista has lived in Spain for a very large portion of his life.

"The Lynx of Montevideo" Evangelista faced Muhammad Ali in a bout for the world heavyweight championship in 1977, losing by unanimous decision in 15 rounds.[1] He also fought against Larry Holmes for the World Boxing Council title in 1978, and lost by knockout in the seventh round.[2] He notably defeated title challenger Renaldo Snipes.

Boxing career[edit]

Evangelista was a good boxer who went undefeated in his first fifteen matches. One of those was a draw but the rest were wins. For his sixteenth fight he was defeated by European Champion Lorenzo Zanon, and after the fight faced Muhammad Ali in a bout for the world heavyweight championship in 1977, losing by unanimous decision in 15 rounds.

After these fights he had nine straight victories. He then fought against Larry Holmes for the World Boxing Council title in 1978, and lost by knockout in the seventh round. Evangelista followed this up by three wins and a loss to Lorenzo Zanon in their rematch. He drew with Felipe Rodriguez and moved on.

He won seven fights before meeting and losing to Leon Spinks, who had beaten Muhammad Ali. He won six more, then drew with Felipe in their second fight. He took two wins before getting bested by Greg Page. Evangelista had a six-fight streak of no losses, with five wins and one draw piled in there. This streak ended at the hands of Lucien Rodriguez. He won four fights until Hughroy Currie overcame him. Evangelista then had a win streak of eight before getting beaten by Steffen Tangstad. Patrick Lumumba bested him after Evangelista pulled off two more wins. He won a fight before three straight losses, and after another win retired.

His career was generally streaks of wins followed by a loss. Sometimes he had two or three losses in a row. His record was decent, with many wins, but ultimately contained more losses to middling fighters than to great opponents. This makes it nearly impossible to list him as an all-time great himself, but he was certainly a good, skilled boxer.

Professional boxing record[edit]

Professional record summary
78 fights 61 wins 13 losses
By knockout 41 4
By decision 18 9
By disqualification 2 0
Draws 4
Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
Win 61–13–4 United States Arthur Wright KO 2 15/04/1988 Spain Madrid
Loss 60–13–4 Brazil Adilson Rodrigues PTS 10 20/12/1987 Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Loss 60–12–4 South Africa Pierre Coetzer PTS 10 30/08/1987 South Africa Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa
Loss 60–11–4 Sweden Anders Eklund KO 7 28/03/1987 Denmark K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen EBU Heavyweight Title.
Win 60–10–4 Netherlands Andre van den Oetelaar TKO 5 08/01/1987 Spain Bilbao EBU Heavyweight Title.
Loss 59–10–4 Kenya Patrick Lumumba PTS 8 05/09/1986 Spain Madrid
Win 59–9–4 United States Tim Miller KO 4 25/04/1986 Spain Benavente, Zamora
Win 58–9–4 Frank Vega KO 1 15/03/1986 Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Loss 57–9–4 Norway Steffen Tangstad PTS 8 10/01/1986 Denmark Randers Hallen, Randers
Win 57–8–4 Cameroon Louis Pergaud Ngatchou PTS 8 19/11/1985 Spain Barcelona
Win 56–8–4 United States James Dixon SD 10 07/07/1985 United States Riviera Las Vegas, Las Vegas
Win 55–8–4 United States Marty Capasso PTS 10 07/06/1985 Aruba Oranjestad, Aruba
Win 54–8–4 United States Tony Velasco DQ 5 10/05/1985 United States Galt Ocean Mile Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Velasco disqualified at 2:48 of the fifth round.
Win 53–8–4 United States Tim Miller TKO 3 03/29/1985 The Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas
Win 52–8–4 United States Sterling Benjamin TKO 9 01/03/1985 Trinidad and Tobago Jean Pierre Sports Complex, Port of Spain Referee stopped the bout at 2:32 of the ninth round.
Win 51–8–4 United States Arthur Wright TKO 2 05/01/1985 Spain Badajoz
Win 50–8–4 Cameroon Louis Persaud Ngatchou PTS 8 13/07/1984 Balearic Islands Palma de Mallorca
Loss 49–8–4 United Kingdom Hughroy Currie PTS 8 06/04/1984 Spain Bilbao
Win 49–7–4 United States Renaldo Snipes SD 10 23/09/1983 United States Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio 43-47, 48-46, 46-45.
Win 48–7–4 United States Larry Ware KO 2 17/07/1983 United States The Dunes, Las Vegas
Win 47–7–4 Spain Victor Varon PTS 8 19/12/1982 Spain Salamanca
Win 46–7–4 Spain Victor Varon PTS 8 28/08/1982 Spain Puente Genil
Loss 45–7–4 France Lucien Rodriguez PTS 12 07/06/1982 France Paris EBU Heavyweight Title.
Win 45–6–4 Zaire Ali Lukasa TKO 6 29/04/1982 Spain Barcelona
Draw 44–6–4 United Kingdom Terry O'Connor PTS 8 23/10/1981 Spain Madrid
Win 44–6–3 Saint Kitts and Nevis Terry Mintus KO 3 12/09/1981 Spain Oviedo
Win 43–6–3 United States Terry Daniels KO 2 29/08/1981 Balearic Islands Ibiza
Win 42–6–3 United States Tom Prater RTD 4 01/08/1981 Spain La Linea de la Concepción
Win 41–6–3 Mali Mary Konate KO 3 18/07/1981 Spain Pontevedra
Loss 40–6–3 United States Greg Page KO 2 12/06/1981 United States Joe Louis Arena, Detroit Alfredo knocked out at 0:40 of the second round.
Win 40–5–3 United States Henry Patterson KO 1 09/05/1981 Spain Guadalajara, Castile-La Mancha
Win 39–5–3 United States Henry Patterson PTS 8 21/03/1981 Spain Zaragoza
Draw 38–5–3 Spain Felipe Rodriquez Piñeiro PTS 10 02/01/1981 Balearic Islands Palma de Mallorca Spain Heavyweight Title.
Win 38–5–2 United States Johnny Blaine TKO 4 13/09/1980 Spain Málaga
Win 37–5–2 United States Bob Stallings DQ 6 01/08/1980 Balearic Islands Palma de Mallorca
Win 36–5–2 United Kingdom Neil Malpass PTS 8 17/07/1980 Spain Barcelona
Win 35–5–2 Wales Winston Allen PTS 8 21/06/1980 Spain Barcelona
Win 34–5–2 United Kingdom Tommy Kiely PTS 8 09/05/1980 Spain Barcelona
Win 33–5–2 Fetiche Kassongo TKO 3 07/03/1980 Spain Barcelona
Loss 32–5–2 United States Leon Spinks KO 5 12/01/1980 United States Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey Alfredo knocked out at 2:43 of the fifth round.
Win 32–4–2 United Kingdom Tony Moore PTS 8 08/12/1979 Spain A Coruña
Win 31–4–2 United States Calvin Langston TKO 3 01/12/1979 Spain Pamplona
Win 30–4–2 Cameroon Jacob Tchanthuing RTD 2 08/11/1979 Spain Bilbao
Win 29–4–2 United Kingdom Tony Moore PTS 8 27/10/1979 Spain A Coruña
Win 28–4–2 United States Elliott Bryant TKO 3 04/08/1979 Spain Vigo
Win 27–4–2 United States Dan Ronnell Johnson RTD 2 27/07/1979 Spain Santander, Cantabria
Win 26–4–2 United States Johnny Blaine TKO 2 21/07/1979 Spain Logroño
Draw 25–4–2 Spain Felipe Rodriquez Piñeiro PTS 10 14/07/1979 Spain Pontevedra Spain Heavyweight Title.
Loss 25–4–1 Italy Lorenzo Zanon PTS 12 18/04/1979 Italy Turin EBU Heavyweight Title.
Win 25–3–1 France Lucien Rodriguez KO 2 02/03/1979 Belgium Liege EBU Heavyweight Title.
Win 24–3–1 Italy Dante Cane KO 4 26/12/1978 Italy Bologna EBU Heavyweight Title.
Loss 23–3–1 United States Larry Holmes KO 7 10/11/1978 United States Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada WBC World Heavyweight Title. Alfredo knocked out at 2:14 of the seventh round.
Win 23–2–1 United States Joe Maye KO 3 09/09/1978 Spain A Coruña
Win 22–2–1 Cameroon Jacob Tchanthuing KO 8 11/08/1978 Spain Lepe
Win 21–2–1 United States Jody Ballard SD 10 09/06/1978 United States Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada
Win 20–2–1 United States Billy Joiner KO 1 27/05/1978 Spain Leon, Spain
Win 19–2–1 United Kingdom Billy Aird PTS 15 03/03/1978 Spain Leon, Spain EBU Heavyweight Title.
Win 18–2–1 Belgium Jean-Pierre Coopman KO 1 26/11/1977 Belgium Brussels EBU Heavyweight Title.
Win 17–2–1 United States Pedro Soto TKO 8 29/09/1977 United States Madison Square Garden, New York City Referee stopped the bout at 1:43 of the eighth round.
Win 16–2–1 France Lucien Rodriguez TKO 11 09/09/1977 Spain Madrid EBU Heavyweight Title.
Win 15–2–1 France Christian Poncelet TKO 3 17/06/1977 Spain Madrid
Loss 14–2–1 United States Muhammad Ali UD 15 16/05/1977 United States Capitol Centre, Landover, Maryland WBA/WBC World Heavyweight Titles. 64-72, 64-72, 65-71.
Loss 14–1–1 Italy Lorenzo Zanon PTS 8 04/02/1977 Spain Bilbao
Win 14–0–1 Peru Guillermo De la Cruz RTD 6 03/12/1976 Uruguay Montevideo
Win 13–0–1 Zaire Lisimo Obutobe TKO 5 19/11/1976 Spain Madrid
Win 12–0–1 Netherlands Rudi Lubbers TKO 3 08/10/1976 Spain Madrid Sports Palace, Madrid
Win 11–0–1 Spain Fermin Hernandez KO 4 07/08/1976 Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Win 10–0–1 United Kingdom Tony Moore PTS 8 21/07/1976 Spain Bilbao
Win 9–0–1 Italy Mario Baruzzi TKO 4 02/07/1976 Spain Barcelona
Win 8–0–1 France Lucien Rodriguez TKO 4 02/06/1976 Spain Bilbao
Win 7–0–1 Spain Jose Manuel Urtain RTD 5 14/05/1976 Spain Madrid
Win 6–0–1 Italy Benito Penna RTD 2 23/04/1976 Spain Madrid
Win 5–0–1 Italy Giuseppe Ros PTS 8 02/04/1976 Spain Madrid
Win 4–0–1 Wales Neville Meade PTS 8 12/03/1976 Spain Madrid
Draw 3–0–1 Spain Jose Antonio Galvez PTS 8 21/02/1976 Spain Almeria
Win 3–0 Italy Adriano Rosati KO 3 29/01/1976 Spain Bilbao
Win 2–0 Argentina Santiago Alberto Lovell KO 2 25/12/1975 Spain Bilbao
Win 1–0 Italy Angelo Visini TKO 1 10/10/1975 Spain Madrid


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