Alfredo S. G. Taylor

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Alfredo S. G. Taylor
Alfredo S.G. Taylor.jpg
Alfredo S. G. Taylor at Holbrook Camp II, 1936
Born 1872 (1872)
Died 1947 (aged 74–75)
Occupation Architect
Practice Taylor & Levi

Alfredo S. G. Taylor (1872–1947)[1] was an architect, of the New York firm Taylor & Levi.

Many of his works are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.[2][3] At least two, the Starling W. Childs House and the Frederick W. Rockwell House, both in Norfolk, Connecticut, were documented in the U.S. Historic American Buildings Survey.[4]

"Sport house" of Starling Childs, Norfolk, Connecticut, in 1930

Hillside (Norfolk, Connecticut), was designed by Taylor for an heiress of the Remington Arms business fortune, and was built in 1908. It is one of his more "spectacular" houses.[5]

Taylor was the designer of over thirty buildings in Norfolk, Connecticut, in a wide variety of styles, in the four decades before the Second World War. He designed a lavish summer pavilion in Norfolk's Dennis Hill State Park, of which only remnants survive.

Works (attribution) include: