Alfredo Wagner

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Alfredo Wagner
The Municipality of Alfredo Wagner
Nickname(s): Sources of Capital
SantaCatarina Municip AlfredoWagner.svg
Coordinates: 27°42′00″S 49°20′02″W / 27.70000°S 49.33389°W / -27.70000; -49.33389Coordinates: 27°42′00″S 49°20′02″W / 27.70000°S 49.33389°W / -27.70000; -49.33389
Country  Brazil
Region South
State Santa Catarina
Mesoregion Great Florianópolis
Microregion Tabuleiro
Founded December 21, 1961
Mesoregion date IBGE/2008[1]
Micoregion date IBGE/2008[1]
 • Mayor Naudir Antonio Schmitz[2] (PMDB)
Time zone UTC -3
Postal Code 88450-000
Area code(s) (48)
Nearby towns Angelina, Anitápolis, Bom Retiro, Chapadão do Lageado, Imbuia, Ituporanga, Leoberto Leal e Rancho Queimado
Distance to the capital 78.1 km (48.5 mi)

Alfredo Wagner is a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil.[1][3][4][5]

The municipality contains the Rio das Furnas Private Natural Heritage Reserve, created in 2002.[6]

The first attempts of colonizing Alfredo Wagner were made at nineteen military in the Morro do Trombudo. The expedition was unsuccessful because snow was abundant and the rain in the three years ravaged the region. Augusto Lima, in 1893, settled in Rivers Adaga and Caeté, accompanied by some settlers. The local passed the name "Barracão", the first name of "Alfredo Wagner". The name is a homage to the men of more worked for emancipation political-administrative the municipality, dismembering of Bom Retiro.[clarification needed]


In the start of the 1990s, teachers of University Federal of Santa Catarina found the fossil of a dinosaur, who lived 220 million years ago.


The colonization the Alfredo Wagner mainly is the German and Italian, with the presence of Tyrolean of Italian language.

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