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de Oro c. 1912

Alfredo de Oro (April 28, 1863 – April 22 or 23, 1948[1][2]) was a Cuban professional carom billiards and pool player who several times held the world title in both three-cushion billiards and straight pool simultaneously. He was posthumously inducted into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 1967, one of the very few non-Americans to receive the honor.[3] He was ranked number 4 on the Billiards Digest 50 Greatest Players of the Century.[4]


He was born April 28, 1863 in Manzanillo, Cuba.[5]

His first public appearance as a professional was in the fourth US National Fifteen-ball Championship, held in New York, February, 1887. He has been a winner of eleven World Championships.[clarification needed] He won the World Continuous Pool Championship in a match against Jerome R. Keogh in New York, November, 1910, making the highest record run of 81. He also held the three-cushion championship[clarification needed] title three times during 1910.

In 1912 he was defeated in pocket billiards by James Maturo of Denver, Colorado in Philadelphia by a score of 150 to 136.[6] In 1914 he defeated Charles R. Morin in three-cushion billiards for the national championship.[7]


His son Alfredo de Oro Jr. was an amateur billiard player in turn, making it to the final round of the 1931 National Association of Amateur Billiard Players Championship (defeated by soon-to-be-pro Edward Lee).[8]

Career titles[edit]

Sixty-one pool[9] 1887 May, 1888 Feb.

Continuous pool[9] 1889 Jun, 1890 Apr, 1891 May, 1892 Mar, 1893 Mar, 1893 Jun, 1896 May, 1896 Jun, 1898 Dec, 1899 Jan, 1899 Apr, 1899 Dec, 1900 Apr, 1901 Apr, 1904 Nov, 1905 Jan, 1905 May, 1905 Oct, 1908 May, 1908 Oct, 1910 Nov, 1911 Jan, 1911 Mar, 1911 Apr, 1911 May.

14.1 continuous[9] 1912 Jun, 1912 Nov, 1913 Jan, 1913 Feb

World Three-cushion Championship[9] 1908, 1910, 1911, 1913 (regaining title from James Maturo), 1914 (beating John G. Horgan), 1915 (beating George W. Moore), 1917, 1919.

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