Alfriston Windmill

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Alfriston Mill
Alfriston 1911.jpg
Alfriston Mill c1905
Mill nameAlfriston Mill
Mill locationTQ 518 027
Coordinates50°48′14″N 0°09′11″E / 50.804°N 0.153°E / 50.804; 0.153Coordinates: 50°48′14″N 0°09′11″E / 50.804°N 0.153°E / 50.804; 0.153
Year built1834
PurposeCorn mill
TypeTower mill
StoreysThree storeys
No. of sailsFour sails
Type of sailsSpring sails
Fantail bladesSix blades
No. of pairs of millstonesTwo pairs

Alfriston Windmill is a tower mill at Alfriston, Sussex, England which has been converted to residential accommodation.


Alfriston Windmill was built in 1834. The mill was working until 1905 when a sail was damaged by a cow. The mill worked for another two years on two sails. In 1908, the mill was stripped of machinery, and had been converted into a house by 1910.[1]


Alfriston Windmill is a three-storey brick tower mill. It had four Spring sails and the beehive cap was winded by a fantail. The mill drove two pairs of underdrift millstones. All that remains today is the tower, with various additions and extensions.[1]


  • Richard Saxby 1834
  • Daniel Sudbury 1845
  • William Shoesmith 1855 - 1866
  • Thomas Harvey 1866 - 1874
  • Thomas Fennell 1881
  • George Hewitt - 1907

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