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Algebra & Number Theory  
Algebra Number Theory
Discipline Mathematics
Language English
Publication details
ISSN 1937-0652

Algebra & Number Theory is a peer-reviewed mathematics journal published by the nonprofit organization Mathematical Sciences Publishers.[1] It was launched on January 17, 2007 with the goal of "providing an alternative to the current range of commercial specialty journals in algebra and number theory, an alternative of higher quality and much lower cost."[2]

The journal publishes original research articles in algebra and number theory, interpreted broadly, including algebraic geometry and arithmetic geometry, for example.[3] ANT publishes high-quality articles of interest to a broad readership, at a level surpassing all but the top four or five generalist mathematics journals. Currently, it is regarded the best journal specializing in number theory. Issues are published both online and in print.

Editorial board[edit]

The Managing Editor is Bjorn Poonen of MIT, and the Editorial Board Chair is David Eisenbud of U. C. Berkeley.[4]

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