Algerian (typeface)

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Algerian spec.JPG
Category Serif / Display
Classification Decorative
Designer(s) Alan Meeks and Philip Kelly
Foundry Scangraphic
Date released 1988

Algerian is a decorative serif digital font family, based on the Keystone Foundry's nineteenth-century face Glyphic.[citation needed] The design for the typeface is owned by Linotype, while the name 'Algerian' is a trademark of the International Typeface Corporation. Algerian comes in two styles: 'Algerian' (regular) and 'Algerian Condensed'.

Algerian (regular) was created for Scangraphic at Letraset. Algerian Condensed was created by the Linotype library designer Alan Meeks. Although Algerian is reminiscent of Victorian era woodcut types, both styles were created in 1988.

In a similar way to Comic Sans, Algerian is reviled for its overuse.[1][2][3] Originally, the Algerian font only had capital letters, but Michael Hagemann, with the FontMesa publisher developed in 2005, a complete typeface which includes lowercase letters with the name of Algerian Mesa (as seen in the image).[4]

Earlier use of the name[edit]

The name Algerian was earlier used for a foundry type cast by Stephenson Blake in 1908. The current Algerian family has no relation to this face.[citation needed]