Algerian (typeface)

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Algerian spec.JPG
CategorySerif / Display
Designer(s)Alan Meeks and Philip Kelly
Date released1988

Algerian is a decorative serif digital font family, originally produced in the early 20th century by British foundry Stephenson, Blake and Co.[1] The design for the typeface is owned by Linotype, while the name 'Algerian' is a trademark of the International Typeface Corporation.

Algerian appears in the Stephenson, Blake & Co. 1907 type specimen book on page 142, with the Algerian font as used today as the small caps lowercase to a more decorative uppercase set of initials. The solid black version of Algerian appears on the same page under the name of Gloria, with a separate shadow layer face available.[citation needed]

Algerian (regular) was created for Scangraphic at Letraset. Algerian Condensed was created by the Linotype library designer Alan Meeks.

URW's 1993 version of the Algerian font was one of the default fonts supplied with Microsoft Office from 1993 onwards,[1], and has been characterised as an overused font.[2][3][4]

Originally, the Algerian font only had capital letters, but in 2005 Michael Hagemann of FontMesa added lowercase letters to produce Algerian Mesa (as seen in the image).[5]

In 2017 Hagemann expanded the Algerian font family to 144 styles, introducing new bold, light, outline and open faced weights including italics. This new version was released by Fontmesa under the name of Tavern.


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