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PCA banner with slogan "Bread, Peace, Liberty"
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The Algerian Communist Party (in French: Parti Communiste Algérien) was a communist party in Algeria. The PCA emerged in 1920 as an extension the French Communist Party (PCF) and eventually became a separate entity in 1936 (Gilberg, 1988, p. 242).

PCA opposed, under influence from PCF, the Algerian national liberation struggle. PCF considered Algeria premature for national independence.

The general secretary of PCA was Bachir Hadj Ali.

In 1955 the party was banned by the French authorities. The party then oriented itself towards the national liberation movement.

PCA obtained legal status in 1962, but in 1964 it was banned and dissolved. The Algerian communists later regrouped as PAGS.


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