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Algerian Naval Force
Arabic: القوات البحرية الجزائرية
Algerian Naval badge.svg
Algerian Naval badge
Country Algeria
RoleNaval warfare
Part ofAlgerian People's National Army
Garrison/HQL'AMIRAUTE, Algiers
AnniversariesFebruary 2, 1967
Equipment211 vessels, 30 helicopters, 3 MPA Aircraft
Mohammed Al-Arabi Hawalli
Naval EnsignNaval Ensign of Algeria.svg

The Algerian Naval Force (ANF; Arabic: القوات البحرية الجزائرية) is the naval branch of the Algerian military. The naval force operates from multiple bases along the country's nearly 1,440 km (890 mi) coastline, fulfilling its primary role of monitoring and defending Algeria's territorial waters against all foreign military or economic intrusion. Additional missions include coast guard and maritime safety missions as well a projection of marine forces (fusiliers marins). Algerian forces are an important player in the Western Mediterranean.

As with other Algerian military branches, the naval force was built and structured with assistance from the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but has also relied on other sources for equipment in some areas. Since the end of the Cold War, Russia has remained an important partner, but Algeria has increasingly sought additional sources for equipment as well as building its own shipbuilding capacity.


Principal naval bases are located at Algiers, Annaba, Mers el-Kebir, Oran, Jijel and Tamentfoust. Mers el Kébir is home to the OMCN/CNE shipbuilding facilities where several Algerian vessels have been built. Algeria's naval academy at Tamentfoust provides officer training equivalent to that of the army and the air force academies. The naval force also operates a technical training school for its personnel at Tamentfoust.


The bulk of the Algerian Naval Force is still based on Cold War designs, although work is being done to both acquire new platforms as well as modernize existing equipment. The surface fleet is equipped with a mixture of smaller ships well suited to coastal and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) patrol work. The fleet is led by three Koni class frigates which have been updated with more modern systems. These are due to be augmented in the coming years by a pair of MEKO A-200 frigates which will represent the most modern equipment of the naval force when they enter service, also, Algeria signed a contract with China Shipbuilding Trading Company for the construction of three light frigates about 2,800 tons full load. A mixture of six corvettes and off-shore patrol vessels complement the frigates, while a large number of smaller boats cover the role of coastal patrol. Algeria had maintained a relatively large fleet of Osa class fast attack craft by the end of the Cold War, but it is questionable whether any of these remain in operational use.

Algeria has had a small submarine presence in the Mediterranean with a pair of Kilo class patrol submarines, though the recent acquisition of an additional four upgraded boats will expand this presence significantly. Their amphibious warfare capacity has traditionally been limited with a small group of landing ships essentially for coastal transport roles. This capacity will be greatly upgraded with the planned acquisition of an amphibious transport dock capable of supporting more robust operations. In the area of civil support, the purchase of seagoing rescue tugs will mark the first ability of an African nation to provide valuable services to economic and commercial operators in the Western Mediterranean.

The Algerian military has long maintained a strong veil of secrecy over its organization and equipment, making an exact accounting of operational vessels difficult to ascertain. Open sources are known to vary widely in their reports of several aspects of Algerian equipment.


Class Image Origin In service Boat Year
Submarine (6)
Project 636 Kilo-Class Russian Submarine MOD 45165129.jpg  Russia 4[2][3] Messali el Hadj (021)
Akram Pacha (022)
El Ouarsenis (031)
El Hoggar (032)
2010–2019 Two project 636M in service since 2010. Two project 636.1 ordered in 2014, commissioned in early 2019.[4][5][6][7]
Project 877EKM
Rais Hadj Mubarek
 Soviet Union 2 Rais Hadj Mubarek (012)
El Hadj Slimane (013)
1987–1988 Two original Kilo-class submarines in service, delivered in 1987 and 1988.[4] Refitted and upgraded in 1993 and 1996. 2 more on order to be delivered in mid 2021/22[8]

Amphibious warfare vessels[edit]

Class Image Origin In service Ship Displacement Year
Amphibious transport dock (1)
San Giorgio class BDSL-474.png  Italy 1 Kalaat Béni Abbès 9,000 tonnes 2015 Improved San Giorgio, Ordered in 2011(+1 in option)[9][10][11]'
Landing ships (2)
Kalaat Beni Hammed  United Kingdom 2 Kalaat Beni Hammed 2,450 tonnes 1984 Built by Brooke Marine in Lowestoft, UK
Kalaat Beni Rached Built by Vosper Thornycroft in Woolston, UK

Surface combatants[edit]

Class Image Origin In service Ship Displacement Year
Destroyer (3)
Frigates (8)
MEKO A200 Algerian Meko.jpg  Germany 2 Erradi (910)

El-Moudamir (911)

3,700 tonnes 2016-2018 Two in service with the option for two more.[12]
Adhafer class 353 El Kirch  China 3 Adhafer
El Fatih
2,880 tonnes 2015–2016 Armed with NG-16-1 (76 mm) main gun, 2 seven-barrel 30 mm Type 730 CIWS, 2 quad C-802 missiles.[13]
Koni class Arg 902.jpg  Soviet Union 3 Mourad Rais
Rais Kellik
Rais Korfo
2,000 tonnes 1985 Modernized in Russia in 2011.[14]
Corvettes (16)
Nanuchka class[15] 802 Salah Rais  Soviet Union 3 Ras Hamidou
Salah Reis
Reis Ali
660 tonnes 1982 In service, Project 1234E built by Vympel Shipyard in Rybinsk, modernized in 2012.
Djebel Chenoua class Al-chihab.jpg  Algeria 4 Djebel Chenoua
El Chihab
El Kirch
Hassan Barbiear
540 tonnes 2002 Built by OMCN / CNE in Mers-el-Kebir, Algeria.

Armed with 4 C802 ASM and AK630 CIWS.

Type 056 class PLANS Huangshi (FSG-502) 20170815.jpg  China 6 1,500 tonnes 2022 Six modified Type 056 class corvette have been ordered.[16]
Steregushchiy class 10-YearAnniversary2018-01.jpg  Russia 3 1,800 tonnes 2022 Three Project 20380 Steregushchiy-class corvettes on order. Reception in 2022.[17][18]
Mine countermeasures (3)
Lerici class Katanpää Särkänsalmi 06.JPG  Italy 3 El-Kasseh 1
El-Kasseh 2
El-Kasseh 3
600 tonnes 2016–2021 In service.[19]
Patrol boats (65)
Osa II-class missile boat Project 205-ER missile boat.jpg  Soviet Union 8 1978
Kebir-class patrol boat  United Kingdom 14 El Yadekh 250 tonnes 1982 The first two units built by Brooke Marine.
FPB98 MKI Ocea-class patrol boat  France 51[20] Denebi 2008-2021 Built by Ocea France.[21][22]
Alusafe 2000 Salvamar Deneb.JPG  Spain
12[23] El Mounkid 2016 Produced locally.[24]

Fleet auxiliaries[edit]

Class Image Origin No. Ship Displacement Year
Survey ship
El Idrissi  Japan 673 El Idrissi 540 tonnes 1980 Built by Matsukara Zosen in Hirao, Japan.
OSV-95  France 205 El Masseh 2021 Built by Ocea shipyards, France.[25]
Training ship
Soummam Soummam  China 937 Soummam 5,500 tonnes 2006 5,500 tons (full load).
EL Mellah Segelschiff El Mellah.jpg  Poland 938 El Mellah (the sailor) 2017 A three-masted tall ship constructed in Gdańsk, Poland.
Salvage ship
El Mourafik  China 261 El Mourafik 600 tonnes 1990 Built in China
High seas tow vessel
El Mounjid Rescue Tug El Mousif in the English Channel MOD 45165130.jpg  Norway 701 El Mounjid 3,200 tonnes 2012 Type UT 515 CD built in Norway and Motorization by Rolls-Royce.
702 El Moussif
703 El Moussanid


Aircraft Image Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Westland Super Lynx Royal Navy Lynx 318.jpg  United Kingdom ASW 130/140 10[26]
AgustaWestland AW101 Algerian Navy AW 101 (cropped).jpg  United Kingdom
SAR / utility 5[26]
AgustaWestland AW139 Italian Helicopter HH139, Trident Juncture 15 (cropped).jpg  Italy light utility 3[26]


Algerian Sailors conduct Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO).

The Naval force is currently being upgraded with the following technological developments: the existing units are being modernized, with the submarine force strengthened by two new Kilo class submarines (last generation).[27]

  • One LPD from Italy in 2014.
  • Two MEKO A200 frigates from Germany.
  • TYPE 054A frigates
  • AIP Submarines
  • Three corvettes C28A with option of three more produced locally. Radar and electronic equipment will be supplied by Thales, and mounted in Algeria. They will be built at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard.[28][29][30]
  • 31 units of the type FPB98 MKI Ocean Patrol Boat.[31][32]
  • 12 units of Alusafe 2000 high speed rescue and patrol vessel.[33]



Anti-ship Missiles[edit]

Air to ground Missiles[edit]

  • Mokopa - the Algerian Navy's six new Super Lynx 300-series helicopters are conducting flight tests armed with Mokopa anti-armour missiles.
  • Raptor-2 Precision-Guided Glide Bomb series from South Africa[44]

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