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Algerian Space Agency
الوكالة الفضائية الجزائرية
Established 16 January 2002
Headquarters 14 Rue Omar AISSAOUI EL HAMMADIA, Bouzareah, Algiers
Administrator Azzedine Oussedik

The Algerian Space Agency (Arabic: الوكالة الفضائية الجزائرية‎, (ASAL) was established on 16 January 2002 in Algiers, Bouzareah. It is in charge of the Algerian space program.


  1. Propose to the Government the elements of a national strategy in the field of space activity and ensure their implementation;
  2. Establish a space infrastructure to strengthen national capacities;
  3. Implement the annual and multiannual programs to develop national space activities related to the various sectors concerned and to ensure the monitoring and evaluation;
  4. Propose to the Government best suited to national concerns and provide space systems, on behalf of the state, their design, implementation and operation;
  5. Provide the Government a policy of bilateral and multilateral cooperation geared to national needs;
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of the commitments arising from the obligations of the state in regional and international agreements in the fields of space activity


The Algerian Space Agency consists of a central structure and four operational entities:

  • Centre of Space Techniques (CTS);
  • Space Applications Centre (SAC);
  • Satellite Development Center (CDS);
  • Operating Systems Telecommunications (HKT) Centre.

International Cooperation[edit]

Regarding bilateral cooperation, the Algerian Space Agency signed:[1]

  • Government cooperation agreements signed with Argentina Argentine space agency (CONAE), France (CNES), and Ukraine (NSAU);
  • Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation with agencies of Russia (Roscosmos), China (CNSA), the United Kingdom (UK Space Agency), Germany (DLR), the India (IRSO), Syria (GORS) and Argentina (CONAE).
  • Governmental agreements are being finalized with Russia (Roscosmos), South Africa (SANSA) and China (CNSA)


  • Alsat-1: The Algerian satellite ALSAT-1[2] is the first of a series of 05 microsatellite launched under the DMC (Disaster Monitoring Constellation) for the time period 2002-2005. The objective of the mission is to provide medium resolution multispectral images for monitoring natural disasters as well as other thematic remote sensing applications.
  • Alsat-2A: On 12 July 2010, the Algerian Earth observation Alsat-2A[3] satellite was successfully launched from the Sriharikota site near Chennai (South-East of India). Since its orbit, Alsat-2A has provided nearly 30,000 products images.
  • Alsat-2B: Similar to Alsat-2A but integrated in Algeria[4] within the small satellite development center (UDPS) in Oran.
  • Alsat-3: Frequently mentioned as intended to be launched from Hammaguir[5] but in reality a hoax.[6]

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