Algerian independence referendum, 1962

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An independence referendum was held in Algeria on 1 July 1962.[1] It followed French approval of the Évian Accords in an April referendum. The results in Algeria were 99.72% in favour and just 0.28% against. Voter turnout was 91.88%. As a result of the vote in favour, France declared Algeria to be independent on 3 July.


Do you want Algeria to become an independent state, co-operating with France under the conditions defined in the declarations of 19 March 1962?

Choice Votes %
For 5,975,581 99.72
Against 16,534 0.28
Invalid/blank votes 25,565 -
Total 6,017,680 100
Registered voters/turnout 6,549,736 91.9
Source: Direct Democracy


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