Algerian legislative election, 1987

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Algerian legislative election, 1987
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All 295 seats to the People's National Assembly
216 seats were needed for a majority
  First party
Leader Chadli Bendjedid
Party FLN
Last election 282
Seats won 295
Seat change Increase13
Popular vote 9,910,631
Percentage 100%
Swing -

Prime Minister before election

Abdelhamid Brahimi

Elected Prime Minister

Abdelhamid Brahimi

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Parliamentary elections were held in Algeria on 26 February 1987. The country was a one-party state at the time, with the National Liberation Front (FLN) as the sole legal party. The FLN nominated 885 candidates for the 295 seats, with voters asked to express their preference by crossing out names on the ballot. Only 67 of the 132 incumbents who ran for re-election were successful.

Voter turnout was over 87%.[1]


Party Votes % Seats
National Liberation Front 100 295
Total 9,910,631 100 295
Registered voters/turnout 11,328,680 87.48
Source: IPU


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