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In 1925, the New York Southern Society began presenting the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for excellence of character and service to humanity in honor of prominent New York lawyer, Algernon Sydney Sullivan. The first award was presented at Peabody College in Nashville, now part of Vanderbilt University. That success led to the establishment of the Award in other institutions, and for the disposition of the fund provided for that purpose.

The Award consists of a copper medallion, an engraved certificate, and the biography of Algernon Sydney Sullivan. Recipients were chosen yearly from the graduation class of each institution, which also had the privilege of honoring one non-student conspicuously helpful to and associated with the institution in its effort to encourage and preserve a high standard of character.

By 1934, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award was being presented to deserving individuals at thirteen colleges throughout the South. In 1936, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation began distributing scholarships at four of those institutions.

Notable recipients[edit]